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About NAAAP Minnesota





Create sustainable change that amplifies and empowers people in our community to educate and empathize with members of other communities. 



For Asian Americans to be represented in the culture, and doing so requires that we engagedevelop, be accountable for, provide access to, and create value for the community.



Equity for the AAPI community in culture. 



Connect, Educate, Co-Create.

Join our Leadership Team

The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) Minnesota chapter is a fast-growing, volunteer-run professional organization – your involvement makes a great impact on our mission AND contributes to your professional experience.

Currently, NAAAP MN is looking for a few good volunteers to get involved with several projects being developed. This is an exciting opportunity to work with Asian leaders from across the Midwest as well as with leaders from across the nation on initiatives that will impact all of NAAAP chapters.


Why join our team?

  1. NAAAP MN is a worthy cause. Your leadership service will help guide the organization's overall direction and impact towards its mission.
  2. NAAAP MN offers the ability to expand your personal and professional networks by meeting other leaders in the Twin Cities and nationally.
  3. NAAAP MN needs leaders that are a good match to our mission.  You'll be a member of the highest-level decision-making team for the Twin Cities; so, you'll impact our mission, strategy and multi-year goals.
  4. Building your non-profit experience can help you serve a for-profit board later. You will learn more about the nuts and bolts of nonprofit governance as well as getting hands-on experience with such tasks as strategic planning, financial management, and fundraising.
  5. NAAAP MN builds your leadership skills.  Individuals who serve on a board have the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders and cultivate new skill sets.

If you want to learn more about serving on our leadership team, please fill submit this form and a member of our team will reach out to you. 


Have questions about the leadership team and committing your time? 

Contact Diksha Maurya at


Call-to-Action Form

In honor of the many legacies that past generations have left to inspire and empower our ongoing generations, we are making a call to action to come together and discuss how we can continue to empower and unite our current API community in the Midwest region.

We are asking you, our community to please join us in a gathering of stories, experiences, proposals, and ideas to better strengthen us as people with the power of community.


Please join us by submitting this form.